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GET /api/v4/pages_history/1408852/
HTTP 200 OK Vary: Accept Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8 Allow: GET, HEAD, OPTIONS
{ "url": "https://zh.localwiki.org/api/v4/pages_history/1408852/", "name": "Saranac and Lake Placid Railroad Company", "slug": "saranac and lake placid railroad company", "content": "<p>\n\t<span class=\"image_frame image_frame_border image_right\"><img src=\"_files/Train%20wreck%20near%20Ray%20Brook.jpg\" style=\"width: 500px; height: 289px;\"><span style=\"width: 500px;\" class=\"image_caption\">Train wreck between <a href=\"Ray%20Brook\">Ray Brook</a> and Saranac Lake. Photograph by <a href=\"Winchester%20MacDowell\">Winchester MacDowell</a>, undated. Courtesy of Marsha Morgan. </span></span> The <strong>Saranac and Lake Placid Railroad</strong> was chartered to lay tracks between the two points in 1890, and the first train ran on August 1, 1893. The rail line was leased to the <a href=\"Chateaugay%20Railroad\">Chateaugay Railroad</a> company. In 1903, the two companies were merged, becoming the Chateaugay and Lake Placid Railroad Company; within the year, the new company was bought by the <a href=\"Delaware%20and%20Hudson\">Delaware and Hudson</a> railroad company, and the line was operated as the Chateaugay Branch of the D &amp; H.</p>\n<hr>\n<p class=\"MsoNormal\">\n\t<em>Franklin Gazette,</em> May 12, 1893</p>\n<p class=\"MsoNormal\">\n\t<span>Nearly</span><span> one</span><span> thousand Italians</span><span> are now employed</span><span> on the</span><span> Saranac Lake</span><span> and</span><span> Lake Placid railroad</span><span> by</span><span> Brady Bros.,</span><span> who</span><span> have taken</span><span> the</span><span> contract</span><span> to</span><span> build</span><span> the road.</span></p>\n<p>\n\t<span class=\"image_frame image_frame_border image_right\"><img src=\"_files/Track%20removal%20out%20of%20Saranac%20Lake.jpg\" style=\"width: 500px; height: 395px;\"><span style=\"width: 500px;\" class=\"image_caption\">Track removal heading north from Saranac Lake<br>\n\tPhotograph by Patsi Gauthier Morgan</span></span></p>\n<p>\n\t<br>\n\t</p><p>\n\t\t\u00a0</p>\n<p></p>\n<hr>\n<p>\n\t<em>New York Times</em>, June 27, 1897 (A pdf of the full article is <a href=\"http://query.nytimes.com/mem/archive-free/pdf?res=F30C12F83D5414728DDDAE0A94DE405B8785F0D3\">here</a>)</p>\n<p>\n\t<strong>ON MOUNTAINS AND LAKES</strong></p>\n<p>\n\t<strong>The Numerous Adirondack Resorts Now Ready to Receive the Summer Visitor.</strong></p>\n<p>\n\t...The Saranac and Lake Placid Railroad has been leased by the Chateaugay Railroad Company, but will be operated as heretofore in connection with the <a href=\"New%20York%20Central\">New York Central</a>, taking the Wagner sleepers and drawing room cars to their destination...</p>\n<hr>\n<p>\n\t<em>Malone Farmer</em>, February 18, 1903</p>\n<p>\n\tA special meeting of the stockholders of the Saranac &amp; Lake Placid R. R. Co. was held at Saratoga last week, at which directors were chosen indicating that the D. &amp; H. has practically taken over the management of the road. The directors later changed the principal office of the company to Plattsburgh. They include such well-known names as Hon. <a href=\"Smith%20M.%20Weed\">Smith M. Weed</a>, F. B. Smith and J. N. Stower, of Plattsburgh; Talbot Olyphant, R. Olyphant and F. M. Olyphant, of New York, and H. G. Young, of Albany.</p>\n<p>\n\t<strong>See also:</strong> <a href=\"Railroads\">Railroads</a></p>\n<h2>\n\tComments</h2>\n", "region": "https://zh.localwiki.org/api/v4/regions/23/", "history_comment": "Renamed from \"Saranac and Lake Placid Railroad Co.\"", "history_date": "2022-01-14T15:32:39.217", "history_type": 0, "history_user": "https://zh.localwiki.org/api/v4/users/382/", "history_user_ip": "" }