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  • history_date - filter by history date. Supports the standard lookup types
  • history_type - filter by history type id, exact.


You can order the result set by providing the ordering query parameter with the value of one of:

  • slug
  • history_date

You can reverse ordering by using the - sign, e.g. -slug.

GET /api/v4/pages_history/1403344/
HTTP 200 OK Vary: Accept Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8 Allow: GET, HEAD, OPTIONS
{ "url": "https://zh.localwiki.org/api/v4/pages_history/1403344/", "name": "Little Free Libraries", "slug": "little free libraries", "content": "<p>\n\t<strong>Little Free Libraries</strong> are, typically, small cabinets installed in neighborhoods, in places that allow public access, in which people can place books they want to loan out or can borrow books from. Unlike an ordinary library, there is no checking-out/checking-in process. People just take out a book they want to read and then put it back whenever they are done. The contents of the library are whatever neighbors decide to put in to it.\u00a0 It's kind of fun that way.</p>\n<p>\n\tThere are several that have been established in San Luis Obispo, including:</p>\n<ol>\n\t<li>\n\t\ta colorful, child-painted one, by the Montessori school at South Higuera &amp; Los Osos Valley Road</li>\n\t<li>\n\t\ta box affixed to a utility pole where the <a href=\"Bill%20Roalman%20Bike%20Boulevard%20(Morro%20Street)\">Bicycle Boulevard</a> crosses Islay St.</li>\n\t<li>\n\t\t1391 San Marcos Ct.</li>\n\t<li>\n\t\t655 Lawrence</li>\n\t<li>\n\t\t1401 San Luis Bay Dr.</li>\n\t<li>\n\t\t1348 Fernwood Dr.</li>\n\t<li>\n\t\t1767 Southwood Dr.</li>\n\t<li>\n\t\t333 Sage St.</li>\n\t<li>\n\t\t1739 San Luis Drive</li>\n\t<li>\n\t\t1410 Broad St. @ Pacific</li>\n\t<li>\n\t\tOn Pacific between Johnson &amp; Pepper</li>\n\t<li>\n\t\t3440 Gregory Ct.</li>\n\t<li>\n\t\tOn Oceanaire near Avalon St.</li>\n\t<li>\n\t\tOn Oceanaire near Atascadero St.</li>\n\t<li>\n\t\tAt the side of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship on South St. (<em>temporarily out of service, October 2021</em>)</li>\n\t<li>\n\t\t1148 Left St.</li>\n\t<li>\n\t\tOn Center St. between Chorro and Lincoln Streets</li>\n\t<li>\n\t\t1708 Lynn (mobile home park off Prefumo) new 12/10/2018</li>\n\t<li>\n\t\tTo the side of the Nazarene church on Southwood Dr.</li>\n\t<li>\n\t\tOn Bluerock Drive near Stoneridge Park</li>\n</ol>\n<p>\n\tThere are also \"<a href=\"Little%20Free%20Pantries\">Little Free Pantries</a>\" in SLO with free food, feminine hygiene products, pet food, and even some art.</p>\n<p>\n\t<span class=\"image_frame image_frame_border\"><img src=\"_files/pacific.png\" style=\"width: 172px; height: 300px;\"><span style=\"width: 300px;\" class=\"image_caption\">on Pacific near Johnson</span></span> <span class=\"image_frame image_frame_border\"><img src=\"_files/lfl2.jpg\" style=\"width: 300px; height: 225px;\"><span style=\"width: 300px;\" class=\"image_caption\">by the Montessori school</span></span> <span class=\"image_frame image_frame_border\"><img src=\"_files/lfl1.jpg\" style=\"width: 300px; height: 300px;\"><span style=\"width: 300px;\" class=\"image_caption\">along the bike boulevard</span></span> <span class=\"image_frame image_frame_border\"><img src=\"_files/lfl3.png\" style=\"width: 205px; height: 300px;\"><span style=\"width: 300px;\" class=\"image_caption\">on Broad St. @ Pacific</span></span> <span class=\"image_frame image_frame_border\"><img src=\"_files/littleFreeLibrary.png\" style=\"width: 190px; height: 300px;\"><span style=\"width: 300px;\" class=\"image_caption\">on Oceanaire @ Avalon</span></span> <span class=\"image_frame image_frame_border\"><img src=\"_files/oceanaire.jpg\" style=\"width: 227px; height: 300px;\"><span style=\"width: 300px;\" class=\"image_caption\">on Oceanaire near Atascadero</span></span><span class=\"image_frame image_frame_border\"><img src=\"_files/sld.png\" style=\"width: 206px; height: 300px;\"><span style=\"width: 300px;\" class=\"image_caption\">1739 San Luis Drive</span></span> <span class=\"image_frame image_frame_border\"><img src=\"_files/center.png\" style=\"width: 227px; height: 300px;\"><span style=\"width: 300px;\" class=\"image_caption\">Center St.</span></span> <span class=\"image_frame image_frame_border\"><img src=\"_files/naz.png\" style=\"width: 198px; height: 300px;\"><span style=\"width: 300px;\" class=\"image_caption\">by the Nazarene church</span></span> <span class=\"image_frame image_frame_border\"> <span class=\"image_frame image_frame_border\"> <img src=\"_files/bluerock.jpg\" style=\"width: 300px; height: 283px;\"> <span style=\"width: 300px;\" class=\"image_caption\">on Bluerock Dr.</span> </span> </span> <span class=\"image_frame image_frame_border\"> <span class=\"image_frame image_frame_border\"> <img src=\"_files/fernwood.jpg\" style=\"width: 234px; height: 300px;\"> <span style=\"width: 300px;\" class=\"image_caption\">on Fernwood Dr.</span></span></span></p>\n<p>\n\t\u00a0</p>\n", "region": "https://zh.localwiki.org/api/v4/regions/219/", "history_comment": null, "history_date": "2021-10-15T13:17:29.449", "history_type": 1, "history_user": "https://zh.localwiki.org/api/v4/users/9703/", "history_user_ip": "2600:1700:1930:a180:47dd:178:1c36:4d91" }