Page Instance

API endpoint that allows pages to be viewed and edited.


Tags can be found in the tags attribute. You can update just the tags by issuing a PATCH here with just the tags attribute present, e.g.:

{"tags": ["park", "fun"]}

To update a page and not change the tags, simply exclude the tags field from your update.

To delete all tags from the page, issue a request with tags set to [].

Filter fields

You can filter the result set by providing the following query parameters:

  • name -- Filter by name, exact.
  • slug -- Filter by page slug. Supports the standard lookup types
  • region -- Filter by region. Allows for chained filtering on all of the filters available on the region resource, e.g. region__slug.
  • tags -- Filter by tag. E.g. tags=park for all pages tagged 'park', or tags=park,wifi for all pages tagged 'park' and also tagged 'wifi'.


You can order the result set by providing the ordering query parameter with the value of one of:

  • slug

You can reverse ordering by using the - sign, e.g. -slug.

GET /api/v4/pages/270735/
HTTP 200 OK Vary: Accept Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8 Allow: GET, PUT, DELETE, HEAD, OPTIONS, PATCH
{ "url": "", "name": "\u5e83\u4e95\u5fb3\u5e73", "slug": "\u5e83\u4e95\u5fb3\u5e73", "content": "<p>\n\t<strong>\u5e83\u4e95 \u5fb3\u5e73</strong>\uff08\u3072\u308d\u3044 \u3068\u304f\u3078\u3044\uff09\u306f\u3001<a href=\"%E7%99%BD%E7%89%A1%E4%B8%B9%E5%BA%83%E4%BA%95\">\u767d\u7261\u4e39\u5e83\u4e95</a>\u306e\u5e83\u4e95\u5bb6\u306e\u5148\u7956\u3002<a href=\"%E6%89%87%E7%94%BA\">\u6247\u753a</a>\u30fb<a href=\"%E6%96%B0%E5%85%89%E6%98%8E%E5%AF%BA\">\u65b0\u5149\u660e\u5bfa</a>\u306e\u5883\u5185\u5893\u5730\u306b\u3001\u540c\u5bb6\u306e<a href=\"%E6%9C%AC%E7%94%BA\">\u672c\u753a</a>\u306e\u90b8\u5b85\u524d\u5ead\u304b\u30892017\u5e74\uff08\u5e73\u621029\uff095\u6708\u9803\u306b\u79fb\u3055\u308c\u305f\u300c\u5e83\u4e95\u5fb3\u5e73\u306e\u7891\u300d\u304c\u3042\u308b\u3002<sub>\uff082022\u5e74\u8abf\u67fb\uff09</sub></p>\n<h2>\n\t\u30ea\u30f3\u30af</h2>\n<ul>\n\t<li>\n\t\t\u5e83\u4e95\u5fb3\u5e73\u970a\u5b9d\u300c<a href=\"\">\u8eab\u4ee3\u56db\u5c0a\u306e\u970a\u745e</a>\u300d\u4e2d\u6751\u663f\u7fc1\uff08\u7de8\uff09\u300e\u4ecf\u7956\u970a\u745e\u7de8\u300f\u4e2d\u6751\u7406\u4e03\u30011896\u30fb\u660e\u6cbb29</li>\n</ul>\n", "region": "", "tags": [ "\u5e83\u4e95\u6c0f", "\u65b0\u5149\u660e\u5bfa", "\u660e\u6cbb\u6642\u4ee3\u306e\u4eba\u7269", "\u767d\u7261\u4e39\u5e83\u4e95" ] }