Page Instance

API endpoint that allows pages to be viewed and edited.


Tags can be found in the tags attribute. You can update just the tags by issuing a PATCH here with just the tags attribute present, e.g.:

{"tags": ["park", "fun"]}

To update a page and not change the tags, simply exclude the tags field from your update.

To delete all tags from the page, issue a request with tags set to [].

Filter fields

You can filter the result set by providing the following query parameters:

  • name -- Filter by name, exact.
  • slug -- Filter by page slug. Supports the standard lookup types
  • region -- Filter by region. Allows for chained filtering on all of the filters available on the region resource, e.g. region__slug.
  • tags -- Filter by tag. E.g. tags=park for all pages tagged 'park', or tags=park,wifi for all pages tagged 'park' and also tagged 'wifi'.


You can order the result set by providing the ordering query parameter with the value of one of:

  • slug

You can reverse ordering by using the - sign, e.g. -slug.

GET /api/v4/pages/1412/
HTTP 200 OK Vary: Accept Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8 Allow: GET, PUT, DELETE, HEAD, OPTIONS, PATCH
{ "url": "", "name": "Pets", "slug": "pets", "content": "<p>\n\t<strong>Pets</strong>: Some <a href=\"people\">people</a> cuddle their beloved critters, some people toss their grubby hamsters in smelly cages, some sun their lizards in a perfect replication of the Hawaiian islands. Others just spoil their <a href=\"cats\">cats</a> or <a href=\"dogs\">dogs</a>. Regardless, <a href=\"Conwayans\">Conwegians</a> love their pets. Need <a href=\"Natura%20Pet%20Products\">food</a> or supplies? Try <a href=\"Pet%20Stores\">Pet Stores</a>. Have you lost a pet? Report it at <a href=\"Lost%20Pets\">Lost Pets</a>. There's always <a href=\"Pet%20Sitting\">Pet Sitting</a>, if you need someone to care for your little bugger when you're away. <a href=\"Pet%20transportation\">Pet transportation</a> services will get your pet where it needs to go, while <a href=\"pet%20grooming\">pet grooming</a> will make it look better when it gets there. If you don't already have a pet, and you think you'd make a good pet owner, consider <a href=\"Adopt%20a%20Pet\">adopting a pet</a>. It is also responsible to think about how you would provide for your pet <a href=\"Disaster%20Planning%20for%20Pets\">during an emergency</a>.</p>\n<p>\n\tAll dogs living in Faulkner County are required by law to be licensed; cat licenses are voluntary. The fees are $10 for altered and $25 for unaltered, per year. See <a href=\"http://www.Faulkner\">County Animal Services</a> for details.</p>\n<p>\n\tExplore the links on this page to see some great Conway pets!</p>\n<h2>\n\tCats</h2>\n<ul>\n\t<li>\n\t\t<a href=\"Ifni\">Ifni</a></li>\n\t<li>\n\t\t<a href=\"Marie%20Laveau\">Marie Laveau</a></li>\n\t<li>\n\t\t<a href=\"Lafitte\">Lafitte</a></li>\n</ul>\n<h2>\n\tDogs</h2>\n<ul>\n\t<li>\n\t\t<a href=\"Voodoo\">Voodoo</a> R.I.P. (deceased March, 2009)</li>\n</ul>\n<h2>\n\tSmall Mammals</h2>\n<h2>\n\tFish</h2>\n<h2>\n\tBirds</h2>\n<h2>\n\tReptiles</h2>\n<h2>\n\tPigs</h2>\n<h2>\n\tSpiders</h2>\n<h2>\n\tCrustaceans</h2>\n<h2>\n\tHorses</h2>\n", "region": "", "tags": [] }