Historical Map Data Instance

API endpoint that allows map history to be viewed.

Filter fields

You can filter the result set by providing the following query parameters:

And the usual set of historical filter fields:

  • history_user - filter by the user resource of the editor, if user was logged in. Allows for chained filtering on all of the filters available on the user resource, e.g. history_user__username.
  • history_user_ip - filter by the IP address of the editor.
  • history_date - filter by history date. Supports the standard lookup types
  • history_type - filter by history type id, exact.


You can order the result set by providing the ordering query parameter with the value of one of:

  • length
  • history_date

You can reverse ordering by using the - sign, e.g. -length.

GET /api/v4/maps_history/79565/
HTTP 200 OK Vary: Accept Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8 Allow: GET, HEAD, OPTIONS
{ "url": "https://zh.localwiki.org/api/v4/maps_history/79565/", "page": "https://zh.localwiki.org/api/v4/pages_history/1408867/", "region": "https://zh.localwiki.org/api/v4/regions/2638/", "points": { "type": "MultiPoint", "coordinates": [ [ 139.15341849334348, 35.251059962482316 ] ] }, "lines": null, "polys": null, "geom": { "type": "GeometryCollection", "geometries": [ { "type": "Point", "coordinates": [ 139.15341849334348, 35.251059962482316 ] } ] }, "length": 0.0, "history_comment": "\u5c0f\u7530\u539f\u57ce\u306e\u4f4d\u7f6e\u3092\u8ffd\u52a0", "history_date": "2022-01-14T20:05:15.152", "history_type": 0, "history_user": "https://zh.localwiki.org/api/v4/users/110560/", "history_user_ip": "240f:7a:d2b9:1:20f7:e40d:d2ea:3f84" }